Let’s use Greener Cleaners

We know that cleaning is necessary, dreaded - but necessary. If you have started to live a more green life, but have been avoiding switching over those cleaners, we have a few tips to help ease you into living that eco way. Even while cleaning your house or business.

  • Avoid disposable products. Instead of going through multiple paper towels to clean that glass or mirror, try switching to reusable cleaning clothes. Once you are done cleaning for the day you can toss them into your laundry and use them again and again.

  • Start shopping smarter and check those labels on the cleaning products. Look for cleaners that are EPA Safer Choice approved. They have made it easy on their website to check those cleaners.

  • Make your own. This may sound scary but again, start small. You can make up your own solution of baking soda and dish soap to cut grease or use that vinegar in the back of your cupboard to clean windows.

Those are just a few small changes that can make a difference. We can slowly start making a difference together!

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