Back to School in Eco-Friendly Style!

Updated: Sep 19

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. Pools are closing for the season and kids are heading back for a new school year. For parents, it’s back to the hectic mornings of rushing around, packing lunch, getting the kids to school, and after-school activities.

Even though it seems difficult to start switching up all of your old school time habits, It’s not hard to be a little more eco-friendly. Don’t let being busy overwhelm you. Here are a few things you can do now to help reduce your footprint while keeping up with earlier bedtimes, homework, and all of the fun things that come with a new school year.

For lunch, switch to reusable containers.

  • No more plastic sandwich baggies or single-use package snacks. Reusable containers will prevent a lot of plastic from going into the trash and will save the family money over time.

  • Switch to reusable water or juice containers to add to their lunch bag.

Ditch the car for transportation.

  • Walk or bike to school when you can. Encourage neighbors and friends to do the same with you and your kids and if you’re too far away from school to get there safely and on time, have them take the bus. Even though buses aren’t the most eco-friendly mode of transportation, they’re already going to school so the fewer motor vehicles we can have on the road, the better.

Don’t rush into buying all of those school supplies on sale.

  • Do an inventory of school supplies before you shop. Check to see what you have leftover from previous years.

Shopping for school clothes can be a cost-saving and eco-friendly adventure, too.

  • Shop at a second-hand store for some school clothes or be adventurous and upcycle some of those older clothes you haven’t touched in a while.

While you are making those changes for the school year, start to think about simple changes you can make around the house to eliminate waste and be more environmentally friendly. These can be simple things such as ditch the plastic straws, recycle, switch to cloth napkins, use eco-friendly toilet paper (cough, cough, try Leafy), etc

Let’s help Make Nature Normal by making eco-friendly changes for school and your everyday life.

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