our story

Leafy is an eco-friendly brand that focuses on the betterment of the environment through the benefits of bamboo.  

why bamboo?

Lint Free & No Tree
No Chemicals
100% Bamboo
More Oxygen
High Quality 3-Ply

We look to educate and elevate consumers to be more socially conscious through the use of biodegradable paper products. We partner with organizations centered on environmental solutions and organizations that elevate underserved communities to build sustainability.


Bamboo has many benefits for both health and environmental purposes. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, green, and biodegradable. It produces up 30-35% more oxygen to an equivalent standing tree. Specifically, if burnt, bamboo trees can produce charcoals that are 3-4x porous than wood., which releases more energy. This can be served as a provider of fuel energy.


Bamboo can develop its own type of anti-bacterial agent, which is called “Bamboo Kun”. This agent is 100% anti against different types of fungus and can be a repellent resistant to insects. The Bamboo leaf itself can be used for herbal purposes to destroy parasites and for anti-Inflammatory.