Apps for a cleaner & greener life!

Apps for a cleaner & greener life!

There is an app for everything now. Apps for food, hotels, movies, shopping etc. Did you know there are even apps that can help you be more sustainable in multiple areas of your life?! Here are some of our favorites.

ThredUp - We know that shopping second hand is an easy way to be eco-friendly. Buying something used will save it from landfills and it’s always nice whenever products can be reused. This app allows you to shop for all your favorites, including items from your favorite brands. Also, when you are ready to part with some of your items and start Spring cleaning this is a great way to get rid of your items and give them new homes.

Think Dirty - The amount of toxins in our makeup products is alarming. With Think Dirty you can compare the ingredients while you shop so you are buying the most eco-friendly makeup products. They also have a feature to keep track of what you already own and a scanner to scan while you shop to make it easier. Which, if you're anything like me you can barely remember what you had for breakfast yesterday so this is great.

iRecycle- I am not going to tell you how great recycling is for the environment - we all know by now. But what are we to do with things like batteries, metal, glass, paint, and old electronics that can’t go into our normal recycling and shouldn’t be in the landfill? iRecyle makes it extremely easy to recycle those things that we stare at wondering “what do I do with this?” A few taps to tell it what you are trying to recycle and it shows you the location, miles, and any additional information for that place. It does all the hard work for us.

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